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How is Zitto Best for You?

Safeguard your family without the menace of mosquitoes
Zitto is a smart, safe, eco-friendly mosquito trap.
Zitto creates a mosquito free zone for you.

About Us

Bway Innovation For Healthy Lifestyles

Bway is a brand with a passion for innovative technology-driven products. Its Vision is to enhance lives and lifestyles by offering a range of products that are aligned with health, wellness and safety – products that are designed for environment-friendliness and sustainability.

ZITTO, an innovative product from Bway, is a smart, eco-friendly mosquito trap that significantly reduces the incidence of mosquitoes in open spaces like lawns, playgrounds, recreational venues and open-air gathering areas. ZITTO by Bway is a proven solution for minimizing the risk of vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria and the chikungunya virus.

How It Works

Zitto by Bway is Super easy to use


ZITTO by Bway attracts female mosquitoes by imitating a living being.

ZITTO mimics the respiration, scent and heat signature of a living being using UV lights, a heat source, CO2 release and human scent pheromones.


On getting close to the machine these vector-borne disease-carrying mosquitoes are sucked into the device and trapped, where they eventually die.

STEP Three

This continuous elimination of the female mosquito disrupts the breeding cycle in the area and reduces the mosquito population.

A key advantage offered by ZITTO by Bway is that it does not use any harmful chemicals making it completely safe for use.